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Hearts of Oak : Of the Alchemy of the Barrel

Titre :

Hearts of Oak : Of the Alchemy of the Barrel

Thématique :

674 Tonnellerie et liège

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Cote : 674 BLO ; ISBN : 978-2-918734-20-8

Information :

Introduction ; Wood and wine have always been my family's business. My great-grandfather, Joseph François, began making barrels at the end of the 19th century. His son, Robert, continued in his footsteps, making both barrels and the wine that filled them, before handing the business down to my father, Jean, who chose to concentrate solely on the barrel business, albeit a very different one toe the one we know today. [...] Demptos has been a leader in that change, placing itself at the intersection of a number of different fields: between science and tradition and between the forest and vineyard. Ours is a business that stretches across different specialisms, uniting theories developed in the laboratory with the age-old knowledge learned deep in the forests and far out in the vineyards. We thought it was time the story that takes its roots in both be told as a journey into that most magical of alchemies: the one through which wood transforms wine.
Description matérielle ; 1 vol. (150 p.) : couv. ill., ill. en coul. ; 31 cm

Mots-clés :

Tonnellerie ; Bois ; Tonneau ; Foudre ; Chai

Langue :

EN : Anglais

Bibliographie :

BLOOM, Ana (photo.). BELL, Melissa. Hearts of Oak : Of the Alchemy of the Barrel. Saint-Caprais-de-Bordeaux : Editions Tonnelier Demptos, 2016. ISBN : 978-2-918734-20-8