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To Cork or Not To Cork

Titre :

To Cork or Not To Cork

Thématique :

675 Bouchon

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Cote : 675 TAB ; ISBN : 978-0743299343

Information :

Quatrième de couverture ; For nearly four centuries virtually every bottle of wine had a cork in it. But starting in the 1970s, a revolution began to topple the cork monopoly. In recent years, the rebellion has been gathering strength. Belatedly, the cork industry began fighting back, while trying to retain its predominant position. Each year 20 billion closures go onto wine bottles, and, increasingly, they are not corks. The cause of the onslaught against cork is an obscure chemical compound known as TCA. In amounts as low as several parts per trillion, the compound can make a $400 bottle of wine smell like wet newspaper and taste equally bad. Such wine is said to be "corked." While cork's enemies urge people to throw off the old and embrace new closures, millions of wine drinkers around the world are still in love with the romance of the cork and the ceremony of opening a bottle. With a thorough command of history, science, winemaking, and marketing, Taber examines all sides of the debate.
Description matérielle ; 1 vol. (272 p.) : ill en n&b, couv ill en coul ; 27 cm

Mots-clés :

Bouchon ; Commerce

Période :

20ème siècle

Langue :

EN : Anglais

Bibliographie :

M. TABER, George. To Cork or Not To Cork. New-York : Scribner, 2007. ISBN : 978-0743299343