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The wine culture promoter in China : Special iss...

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The wine culture promoter in China : Special issue for Celebration of Changyu's

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915.1 Chine

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Cote : 915.1 HON

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Description matérielle ; 1 vol. (68 p.) : ill en coul, couv ill en coul ; 27 cm
Quatrième de couverture ; On the great occasion of Changyu's 120th anniversary, We are full of passion. In 1892, Southeast Asinn pattiotic oversea Chinese Mr. Cheong Fatt Tze set up Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Limited at Yantai, starting up China's history of modernized wine, and producing a far-reaching historic influence in the industrial and commercial circles of modern rimes in China. For 120 years, Changyu has been travelling at double speed despite rains and winds, undergoing the storm of Reform Movement of 1898, the baptism by the Revolution of 1911, and the war of New Democratic Revolution, until the fiery years of socialist construction, and the new era of Reform and Opening. In retrospect, we see, China has a long history, but Chinese century-old shops are not many. At this moment, we feel extremely proud and glorious. In the 120 years, one generation after another of Changyu's people kept progressing and struggled hard, writing new chapters continually so as not to feel regret to their predecessors and the times. Today's Changyu has grown into the largest wine and Brandy Manufacturers enterprise of Asia, It has risen to the front rank of wine enterprises of the world. Here and now, we feel a great respect to the past generations of Changyu people for their hard working and careful incubation, and have more profoundly understood the glorious mission endued by history onto the shoulders of us, the new generation. In the wine industry, there is such a classification: "Old World" and "New World"; some scholars abroad have classified China into the "Ancient World", and some foreign report also classify China into the "New New World". In face, in today's wine world, there is also a classification of "New World in the Old World" and "Old World in the New World". No matter how the classification is, we have only one goal: To prove to the world that China's wine will never yield the palm to the wine of any other country in the world! At present, Changyu has founded Changyu Pioneer international Chateau Alliance, and owns 20 thousand hectares of Vineyard bases, charging towards the first rank of wine magnates of the world. We shall inherit and carry forward the century-old cultural tradition of Changyu, take Mr. Cheong Fatt Tze's slogan "Swallow anything and everything" as our operation philosophy to look far into the world, take Mr. Sun Yatsen's inscription 100 years ago for Changyu, "Classic wine and Noble Character", as our pursuit, to make innovations continually, and hold to Changyu's spirit of "Quality is root, Market is stem, Innovation is soul", so as to carry on the past and open a way for future, and create an ever nicer prospect! We shoulder heavy responsibilities, and we arc full of confidence.

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Château ; Histoire

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HONGJIANG Zhou. The wine culture promoter in China : Special issue for Celebration of Changyu's. Yantai : Wine appreciation, 2012.