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The new california wine : a guide to the produce...

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The new california wine : a guide to the producers and wines behind a revolution in taste

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Cote : 917.2 BON ; ISBN : 978-1607743002

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Quatrième de couverture ; The New California Wine is the untold story of the California wine industry: the young, innovative producers who are rewriting the rules of contemporary winemaking; their quest to express the uniqueness of California terroir; and the continuing battle to move the state away from the overly-technocratic, reactionary practices of its recent past. Jon Bonné writes from the front lines of the California wine revolution, where he has access to the stories, philosophies, and techniques of top producers. In this groundbreaking debut, Bonné paints an unflinching portrait of the current state of the industry: its strengths and shortcomings, its essential wines and those not worth pursuing. Lush full-color photographs, as well as a region-by-region tour of some of California’s lesser-known growing areas, reveal the people and places behind the bottles. Finally, a comprehensive purchasing reference lists all the must-know producers and their best wines, making The New California Wine an essential resource for finding and buying the very best the state has to offer.
Description matérielle ; 1 vol. [304 p.] : ill. en coul, carte, couv ill en coul ; 22,5 cm

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Terroir ; Viticulteur

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EN : Anglais

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BONNÉ, Jon. CASTRO, Erik (photog.). The new california wine : a guide to the producers and wines behind a revolution in taste. Bekerley : Ten Speed Press, 2013. ISBN : 978-1607743002